How to become an instructor

We're so glad that you want to become a MajestiX Studio AcademyZpresso instructor. Here you can teach what you know, or what you love and reach hundreds of students around the globe who are eager to learn.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions to help you with anything you might be uncertain about becoming an instructor here at MajestiX Studio AcademyZpresso.

Can I teach on any topic?

Yes, feel free to choose the topic you wish to teach, but there are some restrictions. 

Sadly, we will remove courses in some topic areas because they may be considered harmful, offensive to students or because it is inconsistent with our values.

If you are not certain, please reach out to us before you go through all the trouble of creating a course on any of the following topics to be sure if it will be removed. If you do reach out, please include as much detail as possible. You can reach out through the Contact Us page.

List of Restricted topics:


Sexually explicit content or content with implied sexual activity is NOT PERMITTED. Content around reproductive health and intimate relationships must be free of explicit suggestive content. See also Nudity and Attire.

Examples of what is NOT ALLOWED:

  • Instruction on seduction, sexual techniques, or performance.
  • Discussion of sex toys.

Examples of what is allowed:

  • Safe sex courses without explicit imagery
  • Consent and communication

Nudity and Attire

The only time nudity might be permitted is when it is essential to learning within an artistic, medical or academic context. Attire should be appropriate to the subject area of instruction, WITHOUT unnecessary emphasis on exposed body parts.

Examples of what is allowed:

  • fine art figure drawing
  • anatomical illustrations
  • medical footage or demonstrations

Examples of what is NOT ALLOWED:

  • boudoir photography
  • naked yoga
  • body art

Dating and relationships

Content on attraction, flirtation, courtship, etc. are NOT ALLOWED. Any other courses on long-term relationships must be in accordance with all our policies including those involving sexuality and discriminatory language.

Examples of what is allowed:

  • Marital counseling
  • General discussion of intimacy within a course focused on strengthening overall relationship

Examples  of what is NOT ALLOWED:

  • Stereotyping on gender roles

Weapons instruction

Content providing instruction in the making, handling, or usage of firearms or air guns is NOT PERMITTED. All other courses providing weapons instruction must otherwise adhere to all of our policy, including Violence and Bodily Harm.

Examples that are allowed:

  • How to disarm an attacker

Violence and bodily harm

Dangerous activities or behavior likely to impact health or result in injury cannot be shown. Glorification or promotion of violence will NOT BE TOLERATED. 

Examples that are NOT ALLOWED:

  • Self harm
  • Substance Abuse
  • Unhealthy weight management practices
  • Extreme body modification
  • Combat courses encouraging disproportionate aggression

Examples that are allowed:

  • Martial arts courses
  • Recovery programs for substance abuse

Animal cruelty

Treatment of animals such as pets, livestock, game, etc. must be in accordance with the recommendations of relevant animal welfare organizations.

Discriminatory language or ideas

Content or conduct fostering discriminatory attitudes on the basis of a group characteristic such as race, religion, nationality, disability, gender identity, sex, or sexual orientation WILL NOT BE TOLERATED on the platform.

Illegal or unethical activities

Content must be in accordance with any applicable national law. Activities which are illegal in many jurisdictions may also be disallowed, even if permitted within the uploader’s country of residence.

Examples that are NOT ALLOWED:

  • Courses on cannabis use
  • Directions on cracking software access
  • Instruction in doxing or other forms of harassment

Examples that are allowed:

  • Instruction on how to find coupons or cheat codes (for games for example)

Misinformation and misleading content 

Instruction which is intentionally misleading or that promotes ideas in opposition to the consensus in scientific, medical, or academic communities should not be posted.

Examples that are NOT ALLOWED:

  • Vaccine hesitancy
  • Fringe theories

Sensitive or otherwise inappropriate topics or language

As a global learning platform with learners ranging from casual hobbyists to professional enterprise customers, we must take into consideration many sensitivities when evaluating content. 

We will examine not only the kind of topic under discussion, but also how those topics are presented. When providing instruction on a sensitive subject area, ensure that all associated course materials treat that subject with care. Avoid language and imagery which is inflammatory, offensive or otherwise insensitive.

Content for young people

MajestiX Studio AcademyZpresso is not currently set up to support underage learners. Persons under the age of consent (for example, 13 in the US or 16 in Ireland) may not apply to be instructors. Those under 18 but above the age of consent may use the services only if a parent or guardian opens their account, handles any enrollments, and manages their account usage. 

As such, please ensure any subject matter oriented towards young students is clearly marketed to parents and guardians who will be supervising their learning.  

How to report abuse

We reserve the right to add to and modify this list at any time. If you see a topic that you believe should not be on the platform, raise it for review by clicking filling in a Contact Form with the specific URL of the course.

Do I have to pay any fees in order to become an instructor?

This is where we have great news for you. You don't have to pay any fee to be an instructor and host your course here at MajestiX Studio AcademyZpresso. We cover the hosting cost. 

You can publish as many free and paid courses as you like. 

We will take 40% of the total amount you sold in courses. The great news here is if you don't sell any courses when you are first building up your audience, you don't pay anything. Only as soon as you start selling do we take 40% of your course sales income. Even greater news is you are in control of the pricing, so you can just add it so that you still get for your course what you want to. (As long as it's reasonably priced of course, people  will rather buy more of a reasonable priced course).

Do I need approval to get started?

No, you don't need any approval. As long as you know you will adhere to our course policies, you can just click on the Become An Instructor button to the top right.

Please note in order to get paid, you'll  need an active PayPal account.

Also please keep in mind, we don't want this to become a place famous for selling bad grade quality, so please see the quality checklist.

Quality Checklist

Please ensure that your course is of great quality. This is also about your reputation. You don't want to be known as someone who sells bad courses. If your quality is good, you'll have returning students.

These are things like HD video, good quality audio, at least 5 lectures or more, and  at least 30 minutes of video content.

Recommended items are those that make good courses great. Great courses will keep your students coming and make them feel they want to share your course with their friends. 

Also great for your courses is lots of instructor engagement, they are super helpful and have interesting presenting material.

Try to really stand out and engage your students.

Some great software to consider if you want to create let's say Whiteboards or build interesting courses are:

Create Studio



VSDC free video editor can be helpful too.

OBS is a free screen recording or webcam recording software you can use.

And if you don't have a webcam, you can use your smartphone with EpocCam.

These are just a few, but if you sign up for the Course Creation Mastermind you'll get 2 free reports.

  •  20 (+10 bonus) Tools To Use PLUS
  • 5 Minute Guide to Launch Your Online Course.

Go sign up now for the Course Creation Mastermind

Requirements for the course

You can upload your course in the following formats:

YouTube: Except for your video sales letter, the rest of your course should be uploaded as UNLISTED onto your YouTube channel. You'll add your YouTube URL in the place provided. Only your course students who paid will be able to view these videos.

Vimeo: Same principle applies, if you can upload your video on Vimeo and make it that  only the people with the link can see it, you should do it that  way. Making it public will only make people not buy the course because  they've got free access to your videos.

File: You can upload a file you want to make available to your students. In this file you can have links to your Facebook, and other social media as well as anything you want your students to learn.

Document: You can upload your eBook in PDF format or you can upload a TXT file too if you wish.

Image: If you have an image that you want to share with your students, you can upload jpg, jpeg or png.

Iframe: If you're an iFrame person, you can also upload your iFrame embed code into your curriculum.

How do I upload my course?

Uploading your course is easy.

All you'll have to do is follow the steps in this tutorial.

Will MajestiX Studio AcademyZpresso retain exclusive rights to my courses?

No, not at all. Your course stays your course.

You are able to upload your course on our platform and we provide the hosting and software for you to be able to upload your course. You still retain all the rights to your course. 

You simply grant us permission to host your course and make it available to users. 

Do you Advertise for me?

No. Although some students might find your course through our advertising of MajestiX Studio AcademyZpresso, you're still responsible for your own advertising of your course. 

Keep your course great and your students will refer each other too.

Any more questions?

If you have any more questions, please contact us and we'll get back to you ASAP. Please allow at least 24 hours for us to come back to you because of different time zones.