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7 Day Gratitude Challenge

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  • Living with joy and gratitude

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7 Day Gratitude Challenge
7 Day Gratitude Challenge
Gratitude Journal
Videos 16 Minutes 58 Seconds
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In today's consumer-driven and the super-competitive world, our more prevalent emotions tend to be anger, frustration, envy and often, despair.

Even people with wealth and successful careers feel this way. Why do we feel that something is missing in our lives? The likely answer is that we lack gratitude.

Gratitude is one of the most overlooked factors in our pursuit of self-improvement and personal well-being.

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Infinite Gift Ideas
1 month ago

I was struggling with gratitude and I now know it's because of my perception. I was looking at the things I had not to be grateful for instead of the things I had to be grateful for. This course has helped me to shift that perspective. I'm a happier, more fulfilled person right now.

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