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Welcome to MajestiX Studio Academy

I want to personally welcome you to MajestiX Studio Academy and tell you that I love learning new things every day. And I believe you should too because:

    • You build yourself up through what you learn
    • It is something that no one else can do for you, only you yourself
    • People can take away many things from you, but what you've learned, they can never take away.

Take a look at the courses we offer and learn something new today.

Take time to learn every day

There is a famous saying of Zig Ziglar (who built a wildly successful career in sales), "Rich people have small TVs and big libraries, and poor people have small libraries and big TVs."

I would like to adjust it a bit to go with modern technology and say rich, successful people have huge libraries of online courses to help them learn and grow.

Time is one of our greatest gifts and if you take the time you would have spent in front of the TV and use it to watch a course instead, that time is not wasted away.

Go ahead sign up for an amazing course today. 

After you've done your course, you'll receive a certificate to add to your CV or resumé.

Have your own course you would like to sell?

Top right left there is a button, Become An Instructor. All you have to do is click on it to register.

After you've been approved, you can start uploading your course and start earning money from your course.

Visit the How To Become An Instructor page for more info.

How it works:

We take 40% commissions out of every course you sell. Surely you can understand that, you don't have to build the platform where your courses are being sold. We host your course, send your students an automated email when they sign up, we have an SSL certificate (see the little lock to the left of our name... Safe site) and we do the payments for you. Also there are payment and admin fees we carry.

We'll host your course for free and only when you make a sale, do we make money. We do the following:

  • hosting and domain name
  • Platform to upload your courses
  • Unlimited students
  • Quizzes
  • Content hosting (You'll host your videos on your YouTube Channel, please remember to make them unlisted and then you'll share the URL in your course) The rest, PDFs, images, etc we host here for you. It is included in our service.
  • Access to your funds (you are in control of when you withdraw)
  • Email students (only welcome are autoresponder but you can email them from the platform)
  • Affiliate access and reporting to let others help you sell your courses

This is cheaper than Thinkific's monthly fees (which is $39 for the basic package, up to $399 for the Premier) with all the advantages of the basic package. And also cheaper than Teachable. At Udemy you don't pay monthly fees, but they sell your courses for $10 and they take 50% off of each sale of your course where we take 40%.

There is another alternative, which is to buy Courserious. Just two things, the 100 courses you get free are only eBooks and they don't have any sharing or social media buttons. You can take a look at my Courserious Academy here if you wish. It looks awesome, it's just the sharing buttons.

Where to start to create a course:

There are so many things to learn when you want to start selling your courses online, I would like to refer you to the following people:

Sarah Cordiner

Kim Brainy Girl U

Take a look at both and decide which one you like.

Join Course Creation Mastermind Facebook Group:

Click here to join the Course Creation Mastermind Facebook Group.

See you on the inside.

Wishing you all the best in life, love and happiness,

Blessings in Abundance


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